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Carrollton Manor residents use this site to learn about the community, contact the board, stay apprised of community happenings, manage shared community resources, and more.


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REALTORS: Carrollton Manor Improvement Association (CMIA) is NOT an HOA. The AA County Code provides for the creation of a Special Community Benefit District (SCBD) that permitted CMIA and other communities to request the County to uniformly levy and collect a “special” assessment on the properties within the district, to be returned to the community to be used to fund the purposes for which the district was formed. More information is available.


If you have any questions about this site, please contact the site admins at webcmia@googlegroups.com, and/or the CMIA board at cmia@googlegroups.com.




Attention All Residents - Especially Owners!


We are updating our Special Community Benefits District (SCBD) Charter to allow the community to purchase property. Please read up on the initiative.


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