What is an SCBD?

How will we obtain funds from ALL property owners to continue to mow and maintain our community shoreline, crabbing pier, and clubhouse? Prior to Carrollton Manor’s acceptance into AACo. Special Benefits Community District (SCBD) the monthly maintenance fee was not enforceable and many of our property owners were not paying. The income from the pier was supporting all the community properties.


On behalf of CMIA property owners in the SCBD, we create a budget to assess ourselves, the County collects those assessed dollars and then gives them back to us for paying our budgeted expenses. They charge the association an annual administrative fee of 5% of the amount assessed, not to exceed $2,000.


Property owners annually receive, comment and approve the SCBD budget at our December Community meeting. We then submit the SCBD budget into the County approval process, and they bill it as a line item on each owners’ annual property tax bill (which may be tax deductible along with the property tax).


This is NOT a Homeowners Association (HOA). We are assessing ourselves to fund the particular benefits for which our benefit district is formed. To establish a SCBD, 51% of the property owners of record (based on property tax accounts) signed a petition back in 1998 agreeing to be assessed in this manner.


The AA County Code provides for the creation of a Special Community Benefit District (SCBD) that permitted CMIA and other communities to request the County to uniformly levy and collect a “special” assessment on the properties within the district, to be returned to the community to be used to fund the purposes for which the district was formed. Our incorporated civic association, Carrollton Manor Improvement Association(CMIA) petitions the County and administers the SCBD.


For more details on the Special Community Benefit District, reference: Anne Arundel County Code, Article 4, Title 7, Subtitle 2. If you have questions, call Anne Arundel County Office of the Budget, Special Taxing District Coordinator. 410-222-1222.